The Sun Through The Rain

Released in June 2017, The Sun Through The Rain is Steve Bilodeau's third album. It is a trio recording featuring saxophonist Richard Garcia and drummer Dor Herskovitz. Recorded at Bop Stop Studios in Boston Massachusetts, The Sun Through The Rain is an album of spontaneous improvisations spanning a wide range of sonic textures from the calm and ethereal to the chaotic and noisy. Art is reflective of life and this album serves as a reminder that through all the chaos, the beauty, the pain, the joy, and the struggle we must try to see the sun through the rain.



Released in January 2016, Ascent is Steve Bilodeau's second album. The album consists of duo improvisations featuring Benjamin Von Gutzeit on viola and Bilodeau himself on the guitar and electronics. Recorded in August 2015, Ascent draws much of its inspiration from the location in which it was recorded - the Rocky Mountains of Banff, Alberta. Its ambient textures and free improvisations aim to recreate the experience of being immersed in a wilderness like the Rocky Mountains, from the sight of open skies to the navigation of rocky terrains. In Ascent, Bilodeau puts some of his most creative guitar playing on display. 


Steve Bilodeau Group EP

Released in August 2013, the Steve Bilodeau Group EP is Bilodeau's debut album. The group includes Alex Bilodeau on upright bass, Andrew Boudreau on piano, Efa Etoroma Jr. on drums and cymbals, and Bilodeau himself on guitar. In his first album, Bilodeau demonstrates his compositional skills; in fact, all of its tracks are Bilodeau's original compositions. The Steve Bilodeau Group EP is best described as modern jazz with a predominantly dark tone coursing through the entire album.