Steve Bilodeau

"Steve's guitar sound is daringly refreshing and a preview to what promises to be a rewarding musical career."

-Grammy-nominated saxophonist Miguel Zenon

Guitarist Steve Bilodeau. Photo by Danielle Tolson.


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Short Bio

Just press record and see what happens. It's a motto that embodies the musical identity of Steve Bilodeau, a New-York based jazz guitarist who aims to create genuine moments of musical expression with his eclectic, improvisational approach to making music.

Longer Bio 

Just press record and see what happens. It’s a motto that has come to embody the musical identity of Steve Bilodeau, a New York-based jazz guitarist who has been performing, recording, and composing music for over 12 years. Although he began as a rock and blues guitarist, Bilodeau went on to study jazz performance at McGill University and the New England Conservatory of Music, obtaining a Master’s degree in the process. During this time, Bilodeau studied with jazz legends Billy Hart, Fred Hersch, Miguel Zenon, and Jason Moran, and attended renowned music programs such as Betty Carter Jazz Ahead.

To date, Bilodeau has released 3 albums – The Steve Bilodeau Group EP, Ascent, and The Sun Through The Rain. His most recent album, The Sun Through The Rain, is an album comprised solely of spontaneous improvisations that span a wide range of sonic textures – from the calm and ethereal to the chaotic and noisy. Featuring saxophonist Richard Garcia and drummer Dor Herskovitz, the album serves as a reminder that in the face of adversity and hardships, we must strive to see the silver lining of our situation; that is, the sun through the rain.

Grammy-nominated saxophonist Miguel Zenon had high praise for Bilodeau’s latest album, saying “The Sun Through The Rain captures Steve and his musical companions through explorations that display great nuance, maturity and cohesiveness. Steve’s guitar sound in particular is daringly refreshing and a preview to what promises to be a rewarding musical career. A great album”.

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"The success of The Sun Though the Rain is the trio's ability to gradually build the music, they follow the music and build up themes and harmonic colors as time passes. Each uses a less is more approach to create a complex music web, sometimes becoming more obscure and noisy in trajectory, and at times, becoming introspectively simple and quiet. Do not think you have it figured out though, every time you think it's a purgation of noise, the trio brings it into focus and comes back to another audible gesture of pure musical freedom victory. Bilodeau, Garcia and Herskovits follow parallel lines conjuring something new and unexpected in the purest time of all, in the moment. This is the core of The Sun Though the Rain a collective improvisational success."  

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(Translated from Russian): "Steve Bilodeau alone makes active use of electronics to add depth and crunch to the overall sound of the trio. It is difficult to pin down his style. His range extends from, say, George Benson, to the late British guitarist Derek Bailey. At any given moment, depending on the piece, Steve may choose any point on this broad continuum. If I were forced to narrow down the comparison, I would say his style is reminiscent of Elliott Sharp, recognizing that this definition is mostly symbolic. In any case, Bilodeau is an interesting and deep master of his instrument, and his music will be eagerly enjoyed by fans of free improvisation." 

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"Steve Bilodeau brings his guitar and use of electronics to join with the team of Richard Garcia (sax) and Dor Herskovitz (drums) for a mix of ambiance and swinging exploration. Guitar effects team up with sounds of rain to open the album, leading to some spacey noodles and echoes teaming with Garcia’s sax and Herkovitz’s droning groove on “The Smell of Rain.” Metallic distortion and heavy hitting beats are driven forward on “Asylum” as well as on the elliptical “Free, Me?” Sonic drapery is felt during “The Sun Through the Rain” and “Love Astray” making this album an interesting tug of war between R.E.M. and caffeine."   

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Album artwork for  The Sun Through The Rain , Steve Bilodeau's third album. Album artwork by Dom Laporte.

The Sun Through The Rain

Album artwork for  Ascent , Steve Bilodeau's second album.


Album artwork for  The Steve Bilodeau Group EP , Steve Bilodeau's debut album.

Steve Bilodeau Group EP


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