All About Jazz Reviews The Sun Through The Rain

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"The success of The Sun Though the Rain is the trio's ability to gradually build the music, they follow the music and build up themes and harmonic colors as time passes. Each uses a less is more approach to create a complex music web, sometimes becoming more obscure and noisy in trajectory, and at times, becoming introspectively simple and quiet. Do not think you have it figured out though, every time you think it's a purgation of noise, the trio brings it into focus and comes back to another audible gesture of pure musical freedom victory. Bilodeau, Garcia and Herskovits follow parallel lines conjuring something new and unexpected in the purest time of all, in the moment. This is the core of The Sun Though the Rain a collective improvisational success." 

Jazz Quad Reviews The Sun Through The Rain

Jazz Quad Reviews The Sun Through The Rain

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Boston-based guitarist Steve Bilodeau, a graduate of McGill University and the New England Conservatory, is a disciple of modern improvised music. His new album, The Sun through the Rain, released just today, is his third offering. His previous effort, Ascent, presented spontaneously improvised duets with violist Benjamin Von Gutzeit. This laid the groundwork for his new work, this time a trio with saxophonist Richard Garcia and drummer Dor Herskovitz.

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Midwest Records Reviews The Sun Through The Rain

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"The guitar man rounds up a crew for a jazz improv date that sounds like he felt 2016 felt. Highly left leaning stuff that is just the tonic the chaotic mind is looking for to feed on and embrace the chaos, it ain't easy listening for easy times." 


Miguel Zenon Reviews The Sun Through The Rain

Thanks to Miguel Zenon for the kind words about Steve Bilodeau's latest album, The Sun Through The Rain

"The Sun Through The Rain captures Steve and his musical companions through explorations that display great nuance, maturity and cohesiveness. Steve's guitar sound in particular is daringly refreshing and a preview to what promises to be a rewarding musical career. A great album."

-Grammy-nominated saxophonist and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient Miguel Zenon.

Press Release: The Sun Through The Rain

Release Date: June 6th, 2017

Featuring saxophonist Richard Garcia and drummer Dor Herskovits, Steve Bilodeau's third, and arguably his most creative record to date, “The Sun Though the Rain” is an album of spontaneous improvisations spanning a wide range of sonic landscapes: from the calm and ethereal to the chaotic and the noisy. This trio of young musicians complement each other beautifully and expose the listener’s ear to an experience of thoroughly improvised material, presenting many unexpected turns and surprises along the way. 

During the tumultuous and chaotic year that was 2016, Steve Bilodeau was deeply frustrated by the many divisions that emerged during the American presidential election. As a result, through his music, Bilodeau was eager more so than ever, to remind us that the human race works in cycles and that better days would soon come again.

The human race moves in cycles just as one's life does, there are good times, bad times, misunderstandings, complications, triumphs, confusion and beauty and chaos all mixed together, and nobody knows how it's all going to play out.”

Steve Bilodeau

Six Questions for Steve Bilodeau

By Peter Hum 

"Since he graduated from McGill University in 2011, Bilodeau’s been playing at Le Petit Chicago, the late, lamented Cafe Paradiso as seen in the photo below, and even in the parking lot of Suzy Q Donuts in Hintonburg. He’s also been teaching up a storm from his parents’ home in Kanata.

His quartet, which includes fellow McGill grads (pianist Andrew Boudreau, bassist and Bilodeau’s younger brother Alex, drummer Efa Etoroma), plays a little run of gigs over the next few days, beginning with a hit on TD Ottawa Jazz Festival’s Rendez-Vous Rideau Stage on Saturday, June 22 and ending with a June 25 show at Montreal’s Resonance Cafe.

Below, Bilodeau discusses where he’s been and where he’s going."

Steve Bilodeau Reaches Semi-Finals in Montreux Jazz Festival International Guitar Competition

By Alayne McGregor

"Bilodeau has been chosen as one of the 10 semi-finalists in the 2016 competition, which will run from July 2 to 4. He's the only North American, he said, with others coming from Israel, South Africa, and across Europe.

It's the third time lucky for Bilodeau: he applied twice before but this was the first time he was short-listed for the competition. This time, he said, he took a different approach with the three recordings he submitted with his application – not trying to second-guess the judges."