The Sun Through The Rain Gets Featured on Argonauta Magazine's Podcast

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Wow! Super excited to be featured on Italian podcast Argonauta magazine's list of "the most stimulating and interesting music news in circulation" with my track "Storm" featuring Dor Herskovits from The Sun Through The Rain. You can listen to "Storm" at the 25:20 mark of the podcast (link below). 

All About Jazz Reviews The Sun Through The Rain

Thank you Geannine Reid for reviewing my latest album The Sun Through The Rain. You can read the full review on by clicking the "Read More" button below. 

"The success of The Sun Though the Rain is the trio's ability to gradually build the music, they follow the music and build up themes and harmonic colors as time passes. Each uses a less is more approach to create a complex music web, sometimes becoming more obscure and noisy in trajectory, and at times, becoming introspectively simple and quiet. Do not think you have it figured out though, every time you think it's a purgation of noise, the trio brings it into focus and comes back to another audible gesture of pure musical freedom victory. Bilodeau, Garcia and Herskovits follow parallel lines conjuring something new and unexpected in the purest time of all, in the moment. This is the core of The Sun Though the Rain a collective improvisational success." 

Jazz Quad Reviews The Sun Through The Rain

Jazz Quad Reviews The Sun Through The Rain

Shout out to Leonid Auskern from Jazz for reviewing my latest album The Sun Through The Rain. You can check out the full translated review by clicking "Read More" below.  

"Steve Bilodeau alone makes active use of electronics to add depth and crunch to the overall sound of the trio. It is difficult to pin down his style. His range extends from, say, George Benson, to the late British guitarist Derek Bailey. At any given moment, depending on the piece, Steve may choose any point on this broad continuum. If I were forced to narrow down the comparison, I would say his style is reminiscent of Elliott Sharp, recognizing that this definition is mostly symbolic. In any case, Bilodeau is an interesting and deep master of his instrument, and his music will be eagerly enjoyed by fans of free improvisation."

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Midwest Records Reviews The Sun Through The Rain

Thanks to Midwest Records for reviewing my new album The Sun Through The Rain. You can read the review below or on their website by clicking on the button below.

"The guitar man rounds up a crew for a jazz improv date that sounds like he felt 2016 felt. Highly left leaning stuff that is just the tonic the chaotic mind is looking for to feed on and embrace the chaos, it ain't easy listening for easy times." 




The Sun Through The Rain: Out Now!

When I had my last lesson with Miguel Zenon at NEC about 2 years ago, he turned to me as we walked to the elevator and said "with you I hear all these different influences; I hear Jimi, I hear Wes, I hear Kurt, I hear Frisell and more, but the question is, how are you going to put it all together?"

I had no answer at that moment. I wasn't sure how but I knew it was what I needed to do. Then he looked at me right in the eye and said "I know you can do it" before walking into the elevator.

That moment has stuck with me and motivated me to try to achieve just that. It has not been easy but I feel that this album is a big step towards finding my true artistic self. I hope you enjoy it.

"The Sun Through The Rain is an album of spontaneous improvisations spanning a wide range of sonic landscapes: from the calm and ethereal to the chaotic and noisy. Recorded in one day with no rehearsal, the music on this album is as honest as could be. What you hear will never be replicated in exactly the same way. It is a snapshot of a genuine moment of musical expression. Recorded in the heat of summer in what was a particularly tumultuous year, The Sun Through The Rain captures Richard, Dor, and myself surrendering to the music and expressing what words can never fully portray. It is often said that art is a reflection of life and to me this album serves as a reminder that through all the chaos, the beauty, the pain, the joy, and struggle of life we must try with all our hearts, perhaps now more than ever, to see the sun through the rain."

Thanks to Dom Laporte for the artwork. George Trksak for his engineering genius and artistic insight. Lydia Liebman for promotion. Aurora Martin, my brothers Alex Bilodeau and Eric Bilodeau, my parents and all of you here for the constant inspiration and for pushing me to be a better musician and person. Thank you!!!

The album is available for purchase on the Steve Bilodeau Music Store.

The Sun Through The Rain - Coming Out June 6th!

I’m excited to announce that my upcoming album, The Sun Through The Rain, will be releasing on June 6th, 2017! If you’d like to know more about the album and the creative process that contributed to its creation, check out the press release in the link below. Here’s an excerpt from the press release!

Featuring saxophonist Richard Garcia and drummer Dor HerskovitsSteve Bilodeau's third, and arguably his most creative record to date, The Sun Though the Rain is an album of spontaneous improvisations spanning a wide range of sonic landscapes: from the calm and ethereal to the chaotic and the noisy. This trio of young musicians complement each other beautifully and expose the listener’s ear to an experience of thoroughly improvised material, presenting many unexpected turns and surprises along the way.

During the tumultuous and chaotic year that was 2016, Steve Bilodeau was deeply frustrated by the many divisions that emerged during the American presidential election. As a result, through his music, Bilodeau was eager more so than ever, to remind us that the human race works in cycles and that better days would soon come again.

“The human race moves in cycles just as one's life does, there are good times, bad times, misunderstandings, complications, triumphs, confusion and beauty and chaos all mixed together, and nobody knows how it's all going to play out.”

-Steve Bilodeau

Shag Horns

I am happy to have been featured in the promotional videos of Shag Horns! Shag Horns is a talented group of horn players who have recorded multiple albums together to critical acclaim. The group includes Kai Sandoval on trumpet, Chris Ott on trombone, Noah Preminger on tenor saxophone, and Austin Yancey on baritone saxophone. If you’re in need of live music for a wedding/gig or world-class horn writing and recording, you can hit them up at Check out the promo video below to hear some adaptations of classic soul and funk tunes for a 10-piece band. 

"The Sun Through The Rain" coming 2017

Sun Through The Rain.jpg

I am very excited about my third album The Sun Through The Rain coming in 2017. The record features a trio consisting of Richard Garcia on saxophones and Dor Herskovitz on drums and cymbals. All of the music on the album was improvised in one afternoon in August 2016 at Bop Stop studios in Boston, MA. I believe it to be my most creative and original work to date. Artwork by the incredibly gifted Dom Laporte. You can hear one bonus track that didn't make the album in the SoundCloud player below:

New Album!!!

I am very excited to announce that I have recorded an album with my new trio that will be out in the coming months. It features Dor Herskovitz on drums and percussion and Richard Garcia on saxophones. Stay tuned!!! Find out more details below.

Production News!

Hello everyone!

It's been awhile since I posted because so much has been going on, but I am excited to announce some cool things that I have been a part of. First of all, I produced 3 songs on rapper Kyle Bent's album "Dreams of A God" and last week I released my 5th beat tape entitled "Billa Joints Vol. 5". Below you can check out the music. 

Hope you are all enjoying summer and hope you enjoy the music! Peace!

Montreux JazzFest Guitar Competition 2016!!!

I am extremely excited to announce that I have been selected as one of 10 semi-finalists from around the globe to attend the Montreux Jazz Festival's Jazz guitar Competition 2016! I am the only North American in the competition and am very excited to participate in this renowned competition at one of the world's greatest jazz festivals! Wish me luck! 

Also, thanks to for writing an article about my selection. You can read the full article by clicking the link below. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Bilodeau has been chosen as one of the 10 semi-finalists in the 2016 competition, which will run from July 2 to 4. He's the only North American, he said, with others coming from Israel, South Africa, and across Europe.

It's the third time lucky for Bilodeau: he applied twice before but this was the first time he was short-listed for the competition. This time, he said, he took a different approach with the three recordings he submitted with his application – not trying to second-guess the judges." 

Peter Hum Interview on

Very happy that renowned jazz blogger and journalist Peter Hum has re-posted my interview with him from 2013 on the Ottawa Citizen website. Here's an excerpt, and you can check it out by clicking on the link below. 

"Since he graduated from McGill University in 2011, Bilodeau’s been playing at Le Petit Chicago, the late, lamented Cafe Paradiso as seen in the photo below, and even in the parking lot of Suzy Q Donuts in Hintonburg. He’s also been teaching up a storm from his parents’ home in Kanata.

His quartet, which includes fellow McGill grads (pianist Andrew Boudreau, bassist and Bilodeau’s younger brother Alex, drummer Efa Etoroma), plays a little run of gigs over the next few days, beginning with a hit on TD Ottawa Jazz Festival’s Rendez-Vous Rideau Stage on Saturday, June 22 and ending with a June 25 show at Montreal’s Resonance Cafe.

Below, Bilodeau discusses where he’s been and where he’s going."

"Ascent" chosen as one of Guitar Moderne's Top Record Picks!

I am very excited that one of my favorite guitar blogs, "Guitar Moderne" has chosen my album with Benjamin Von Gutzeit "Ascent" as one of it's top record picks, calling it a "stunning entrance into the more abstract world (of guitar)". Guitar moderne is a widely known blog in the experimental guitar world and I have been subscribed to it for almost a year now. Check out the full review at the link below and while you're there be sure to check out the rest of the site! There is tons of cool stuff to be found!


Ascent: A New Album of Duo Improvisations

I am proud to announce "Ascent". An album consisting entirely of duo improvisations that was recorded entirely in one night in Banff, Alberta last summer. Featuring Benni von Gutzeit on viola and yours truly on guitar and electronics! I honestly feel this album represents a new direction for me as well as some of my most creative guitar playing. We hope you enjoy it and decide to support us by buying the album! Click the link below for samples and to buy the album.


Banff 2015: Reflections

Just over a week ago I returned to "real life" after 3 weeks in Banff, Alberta, Canada as part of the 2015 Jazz and Creative Music program and all I can say is:


The three weeks I spent in Banff were the most intense 3 weeks of my entire musical life, and I loved every moment of it. It was the kind of experience that is hard to explain to people who were not there. Being surrounded by some of the greatest musicians in the world, having a chance to hang and learn from them and get to know them as people, all while being surrounded by one of Mother Natures' works of art : the breathtaking Rocky Mountains.  Not to mention all the other participants, who were all incredibly talented, creative and open-minded individuals from across the world. It was a transformative experience and I feel very grateful to have been a part of it. I have grown as a person and as an artist as a result of Banff 2015. Thanks to Vijay Iyer for putting it all together and to everyone else who made it what it was : the hang to end all hangs!!!



Banff 2015

I am very excited to announce that I will be heading to Banff, Alberta, Canada in August 2015 to take part in the 2015 Banff International Workshop in Jazz & Creative Music on a full tuition scholarship! I am incredibly excited to be surrounded by so many incredible musicians and to learn from everyone there, not to mention to take in the incredible scenery! 

For more info on the Banff program visit: