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Hi, I'm Steve Bilodeau. I'm a Brooklyn-based guitarist with over 10 years of teaching experience. Over the years, I've taught over 100 guitar students and earned a Master's degree from the New England Conservatory of Music. Though my major was in jazz performance, I've always had a passion for learning to play new styles of music. As a result, I'm able to teach students a variety of musical styles, including rock, jazz, blues, funk, pop, and hip hop.

I grew up in a family of teachers. My mother worked as a support teacher assisting students with learning disabilities, while my father taught french at an inner city school in Ottawa, Canada. They taught me the importance of personalizing the learning experience for each student, so I always try to accommodate a student's needs and interests when teaching them guitar. In particular, I'll explain musical concepts in a different manner depending on a student's age and experience level, which allows them to improve as quickly as possible.

At the cornerstone of my teaching philosophy is the importance of learning the fundamentals of guitar, such as rhythm, melody, chord progressions, as well as tension and release. When students have a firm grasp of these fundamental concepts, they're able to learn their favorite songs with ease, and can progress to more advanced material.

In short, I aspire to teach my students that playing guitar is about more than just reading notation on a piece of sheet music. I believe that when students are actively engaged with the music and make decisions based off what they hear and feel, they're able to enjoy and appreciate guitar playing on a much deeper level. In particular, I always make time for mini jam sessions where I play guitar with the student so they can learn to interact with other musicians. Ultimately, the goal is for students to take this knowledge outside the teaching environment so they can play with their friends or jam with a band.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out and send me an email at sbilodeaumusic@gmail.com. Below I've included testimonials from former students on what it was like to take guitar lessons with me. Thank you for your consideration.



Steve was great about keeping the lessons easy. Tailoring the lessons to musical influences, theory, and technical work. It was easy to find a balance between the 3. I felt I’ve progressed in a way that would allow me to hold my own with most intermediate players and would recommend working with him.

-Jake J. | Boston, MA

Steve taught me guitar for a number of years. He is an exceptional teacher and has the ability to make learning easy and fun. He is able to blend all aspects of becoming a better musician into his lessons such as technique, improvisation, theory, and practical elements that can be translated into day to day playing. What I found very valuable was that Steve was able to take his vast knowledge of music and communicate to me in way that a non-experienced player would understand and be able to apply within my own music. If you are looking at just starting to play guitar properly or wanting to take your playing to the next level, Steve is the man!

-Dave M. | Ottawa, CA

I have nothing but to great things to say about Steve's guitar lessons! He has a great talent for getting the best out his students, i.e. he's not one of those standard guitar teachers that thinks rigidly, inside of the box, going by the book. Not only has my guitar playing improved significantly, I've also developed a greater appreciation for the blues and jazz. Through my lessons, I've learned a great deal about legends such as BB King and John Coltrane. Additionally, with Steve being not only a guitar teacher but also an established artist, he brings unique insights and has more to offer than a regular instructor.

-Trevor S. | Boston, MA

Steve has taught me guitar for 4 years in both person and online over Skype. He is an incredible musician and a brilliant teacher. He has an outstanding music education and wealth of experience performing that he brings to every lesson. More important though is that he is able to listen to my playing and give feedback and direction that has helped me elevate my playing beyond what I would have thought possible. We have covered jazz standards, classic rock, soloing, theory and blues. I would highly recommend Steve to any level guitarist.

-Phil I. | Ottawa, CA


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